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Decisive moments at your Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate or any other events will be captured in a documentary style. That means that photographer's presence will not affect unfolding of your events - by looking at most of your photos you'll get a sense that photographer was invisible.

Service includes: taking pictures, editing, retouching and delivering files. If the event is more demanding, an additional photographer would be provided.

You will receive downloadable link on your email address with high resolution retouched images within 2-3 days, depending on the amount of work. Your guests will be able to download files from the online gallery, suitable for printing.

Additional costs are associated with arranging posed photography either on some location or in a photo studio, designing and printing a photo book, printing photos as well as covering travel cost if the event is outside Belgrade or Serbia.


Corporate portraits taken in your office or in a studio, naturally retouched. You will get a link to an online gallery to chose a portrait you like from the selection of taken images. After retouching the selected portrait you will get the file by downloadable link.


Technically perfect interior photography done by multiple exposure and precise postproduction.

Service Prices

Events photography such as weddings, corporate meetings, birthdays, etc, are charged per hour and charges depend on the number of people attending an event. Additional costs are associated with traveling and creating deliverables like photo books, prints etc.

Image based rates apply for photography of portraits, interiors, food. Rates depend on the purpose.